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Michael Wallauer is an experienced realtor with the professionalism to listen to people in order to serve them. With Michael you won”t be a stranger for long. When you talk to him you will instinctively know that this is a man of integrity. He has a long history of guiding people with discretion and insight. He is an expert in helping you to make sound decisions for you and your family. He can help you find the perfect house to fit all your needs. It is important that it is balanced for your lifestyle, your budget and your commute. Your children”s school and interests are a major part of that equation. We have to choose wisely where we are going to spend our time. You are wise when you use a real professional for one of most important financial decisions of your life.

     Always ready with a friendly ear, he is also the type of person that always has a book or computer in hand. He is always keeping pace with the ever changing real estate industry and various aspects of life from business to the arts. This gives him a wide perspective in life and in real estate. He is also very proficient in applying this gathered knowledge not only in real estate but in his other interests; “Golden Gloves Champion 2015” for his age bracket. This took determination in putting his knowledge into practice and that is what he will do for you.

     Michael has a commitment to do the very best for everyone. A consummate practical optimist, he believes, “always expect the best, but prepare for the worst”. There is always a solution to every problem. When hunting for the perfect home you want someone that is always striving for the very best outcome for your future. That is his goal for every one of his clients.

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